HCA Scientific Information(Garcinia Cambogia’s Hydroxycitric Acid)

Hydroxycitric acid(HCA) is the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia. There are many different natural extract that come from the Garcinia plant, but HCA has the most benefits in regards to weight loss. If you are shopping for a Garcinia supplement, make sure you get a 100% pure product. This means that the supplement contains no fillers.

A supplement that is 100% pure Garcinia extract, however, will only contain a certain amount of HCA- because this is just one of the natural extracts. This is something that confuses a lot of people. But just keep in mind that the ideal supplement should be 100% pure with at least 50% HCA.

hca science

Hydroxycitric acid works by reducing the appetite and stimulating the metabolism.

Scientists have studied this and have found many interesting mechanisms by which this takes place.

One is the tendency of HCA to cause the body to produce more natural serotonin, which is a pleasure chemical present in all human brains. Serotonin is responsible for feelings of well-being and satisfaction in the brain. When HCA produces this, it also causes one to feel more full and thus have a reduced appetite and less food cravings.

Food cravings are actually considered a seperate issue than the regular appetite by scientists. Over time, as one consumes Garcinia on a regular basis, however, their reduced appetite and tendency to consume less food leads to less and less food cravings, since they become accustomed to eating less often throughout the day.

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Hydroxycitric acid stimulates the metabolism in several different ways. One is by preventing fat from being produced from the carbohydrates you ingest. When you eat any type of carb, such as a piece of bread, for example, the body eventually converts this to fat once inside your digestive system.

This is particularly important to realize since the vast majority of the modern diet is composed of carbohydrates. Garcinia Cambogia extract helps to block a significant portion of these carbs from turning into fats, instead allowing you to excrete them as waste. This is why fitness experts have referred to the capsule as a “miracle fat buster”.

Of course there is no “miracle” pill for anything really. But the benefits Garcinia provides outdo virtually any other natural solution on the market. Since these capsules are not actual drugs, just 100% natural nutraceutical formulas, there are practically no negative side effects that people experience.

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