Tips From Fitness Experts on Garcinia Cambogia (Good Overview)

Garcinia Cambogia was recently featured by many fitness experts on the radio. Here you can watch the video about what they had to say. For weight loss, they recommend using a Garcinia supplement with at least 50% HCA(hydroxycitric acid). This is one of the natural extracts contained in Garcinia and is considered the active ingredient responsible for the effects of increased metabolism and reduced appetite.

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They were also recently featured in a major health magazine where he talked about all of the weight loss benefits of Garcinia. His most prominent points were that 1) Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to cause real weight loss in patients who took it without changing their diet or exercise habits, 2) it is the only weight loss aid of its kind to ever be produced(he calls it a “miracle fat buster”, 3) a high HCA concentration is important when choosing a supplement, and 4) the vast majority of people never experience any of Garcinia’s mild side effects.

He even mentioned some of his own family members taking it and achieving real results(avg of 2 kilos lost per week).

If you are one who is into trying the next big weight loss supplement then GC is probably on your current shopping list. This proposed “miracle” compound is supposed to have it all. Traditionally found in the Asian continent, this small, pumpkin shaped fruit packs a powerful dose of anti-oxidants, and bad (LDL) cholesterol-busting and metabolism boosting enzymes. These superfood qualities are found concentrated within the skin of the fruit which is used primarily in place of lemon or other citric food rinds found in many Asian and Indonesian food preparations.

Recently, the dried rind can be chewed much like beef jerky, or ground in powder form for cooking, or just simply in pill form. Known as hydroxycitric acid, the plants rind is where the main benefits stem from. It has been claimed to stave off hunger, increase metabolism and to induce weight loss in just about any form.

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This article answers the question of exercise.

In the Journal of the American Medical Association, a study concluded a double-blind study of 100 participants, 50 men and 50 women. A mix of men and women within the group received 500mg before meals, three times daily. The other group received a placebo at the same interval as the true participants. The participants all had dietary changes which were high in fiber and low calorie. The results showed no significant difference in weight loss in one group over the other. However, all participants showed weight loss, it was not significant enough to mark as due to Garcinia Cambogia.

If you are intent on trying Cambogia for yourself; do the research. Because studies show that Hydroxycitric acid has a peak time of about an hour, it is best to take the recommended dosage at least one hour before meals. If anything, it will help to stave off your hunger helping you eat less. It is important to remember to eat! Even if you have little or no appetite as not consuming enough nutrients is never a good idea and one your doctor will frown upon.