Before And After Weight Loss Pics (Garcinia Cambogia Results)

Here are just a few of the best before and after photos of those who used Garcinia Cambogia in their diet regimens. All of these photos are real from official garcinia diet logs.

before and after pic 2

As you can see here, Diane got really skinny overall, but her most shocking realization was that she lost over 3 kilos in her first week on the supplement.

before and after weight loss pic 3

Katie lost over 20 kilos overall.

before and after weight loss pic 4

before and after weight loss

Bobbi shed around 16 kilos in her 12 week regimen.

As you can see here, this natural extract really does work. Go to this page to read where to buy Garcinia Cambogia.

GC comes from tropical climates and is found mainly in Indonesia. It is a small, pumpkin shaped fruit whose outer layer contains a natural substance known as hydroxycitric acid. It is this compound that hosts the metabolism boosting weight loss enzymes. This enzyme is said to block fat absorbtion, increase lean muscle mass, boost metabolism and change the body’s composition. All while requiring little or no change in diet or physical activity.

An interesting claim states that the compound hydroxycitric acid may be responsible for increased levels of serotonin in the brain which is responsible for regulating appetitite. It has certainly been shown to do so in lab rats in which there is a study being conducted. Other health benefits include a decrease in bad cholesterol and the triglycerides that form the cholesterol.

The outer layer of the Cambogia, the hydroxycitric acid is a complex combination of hydrogen and oxygen molecules and are highly active among themselves. Which is similar to the way they behave within the body. The recommended dosage ranges from 300-500 mg three times a day to up to 3,500mg/daily can be taken but doses as high as 3,000mg need to be cleared with your doctor first to make sure you are not currently on any medications that may have harmful side-effects with Garcinia.

Always be sure to check the nutrition labels on each bottle as you are deciding which to choose. The active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, can vary greatly from brand to brand. If you think you are getting a great price on the product you are choosing, check again. It may be just a lot of inactive ingredients. Remember, you get what you pay for.

In independent studies, the claims to weight loss and increased metabolism may seem inconsistent at best, but there is order among chaos if you look closely. In animals, studies have shown benign activity using one set of hydroxycitric acid, yet found the compound to be a carcinogen in other animal groups. So far, research is indicating no carcinogenic effect in humans although effective dosing regimens still vary widely.